You and I

Rocky teaches me the True Value of Companionship through his unconditional love and unselfish devotion.

I dreamed last night about you and I.

I dreamed we were running together

Something neither you nor I have

Been able to do well for some time.

Me with my knees and you with your heart.

What a broken-down pair of old men we are,

You and I.

But run we did in my dream last night.

We ran together toward the sun rising in the East

And it occurred to me, in my dream,

That we should be running West,

To where days end for such as you and I.

Not toward the East, where days begin

For boys and pups,

Younger than you and I.

When I woke, I pondered my dream

And decided the message

Is that we’re not done yet.

We still have miles to go, you and I.

Old though we may be,

We are more than just an old man, an old dog.

We are whatever we decide to be

We have chapters left to write

In the book of our lives.

Places to go, things to do, people to see.

We will never be young again,

We will never be boy and pup again;

But, we can be anything and everything else.

Anything we two can dream. You and I.

That’s the True Value of Companionship.

True Value of Companionship
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