About Me

George Elliott-Applegate

Hi! I’m George Elliott-Applegate. Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog, The True Value of Dogs.​​

I have two adult children, three grandchildren, and (currently) four dogs – a Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Pug and Toxirn. (Betcha never heard of a Toxirn.)

Ellen says I love dogs more than people. There are reasons why and I sometimes wish it wasn’t true; but, yeah, she’s right.

Ironic, then, that almost every job I’ve ever had has been in a helping profession: minister in Kentucky, police officer in Oklahoma, addiction counselor in Arizona, and community corrections counselor in Colorado. I currently work for the largest mental health and addiction treatment hospital in California.

The things people do to themselves and each other, not to mention the animals that share our world, is enough to make anyone despair that there is any hope for our species.

Some believe that dogs, not humans, are created in god’s image – that they embody what might be considered divine qualities – whereas humans had to invent a devil so there would be something in the universe more evil than us.

We Were Wolves Once

Others point to evidence in the historical records that dogs are the ultimate con artists and humans their all-too-gullible marks. How else, they say, could dogs have managed to survive next to humans for tens of thousands of years.

I want to show the many ways that dogs add value to our lives and explore how humans and dogs interact with each other. You can’t point to any other unrelated species who have enjoyed the same unique relationship lasting thousands of years as have people and dogs.

That, alone, makes the True Value of Dogs worth exploring.​

~ George